One of my favorite times to get out and take photos is sunrise when what seems like the rest of the world is just waking, and the peace and solitude of the early hour belong to me and me alone. Having that time to myself in my own world, looking through my viewfinder and scanning the landscape for my opportunity to capture a singular moment is both calming and exhilarating.

This photo speaks to this feeling as the golden light heralds a day full of promise and possibility, while a quiet river placidly waits below. When I took the picture, I was moved by the glow from the sun overpowering Mt. Hood just enough to only get the silhouette; the fishing boat heading out for the catch of the day; a flock of geese making a gentle landing in the steaming Columbia River and the smoke coming from the chimneys of the houseboats. It is a scene of peace and tranquility, yet it is bursting with life.